Who is Brian Montini?

I have been looking for a while to get back to my roots.  I grew up outside of a small town.  A rural lifestyle without the hustle and bustle of a major metroplex or surburban sprawl.  When my family and I had an opportunity to relocate to Texas, we stumbled upon Northlake.  We thought it was too good to be true..  wide open spaces, large lot sizes and zoning that showed the intent of this town... to KEEP IT RURAL.  We put down roots here, and are expecting our first "native Texan" to join our family shortly.  I am the father of a 7 year old boy (Brandon), and soon-to be son.  I have been married to my lovely wife Laura Montini for nearly 17 years.  We are conservatives and believe in true fiscal responsibility and smaller governement.  Our son enjoys ice hockey, and Laura and I both coach his team as part of the Dallas Stars Metro Hockey League.

I enjoy woodwoorking, welding, boating with my family, wrenching on cars, or just about anything that is fixing or building something.  

I am an engineer who has primarily worked in the IT and A/V industries, and I currently work for Middle Atlantic Products, a manufactuer of Audio/Video and IT Equipment racks & enclosures.  I am a Business Development manager for them covering 16 states, working primarily with Fortune 500 and Education customers.

B.S. Computer Engineering Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology

Why am I running?

It is simple.  After personally asking many questions or voicing concerns in front of our current town leadership (as well as watching other ask things) I observed a range of reactions from our leadership.  None of them were pleasant.  It is difficult enough to get in front of town leadership and challenge them on something, but to be cast aside with little to no consideration is not how ANY citizen should feel.

Also, I have watched thousands of acres have zoning changes granted, and over 6000 new rooftops have been approved in this town since becoming a resident.  This will FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE what Northake was intended to be.

I feel that we can give the citizens what THEY want by LISTENING to THEM.  After meeting so many great residents, and hearing their concerns, I believe I can help bring their voices to the table and treat everyone with Respect.

Together, WE can change the direction of our town.

I am here for YOU.  I have already spoken on many of your behalfs and shared your concerns with council.  I hope that you will give me a chance to VOTE for your wishes by voting for me to be your next council member.

EARLY VOTING April 23rd to May 1st