Ideas for Northlake


  • Host Quarterly open forums for discussion with the citizens of the town so we can all connect better and face to face with YOUR issues and concerns.
  • Allow some questions during a council meeting by ceding the floor to a citizen during discussion of a topic
  • Read any citizen comments into record during the meetings, instead of just shoving them into a binder.
  • When the town puts out an official survey, include "none of the above" so you are not forced to choose the lesser of 4 evils... don't limit how many choices you can make. Make sure the surveys are completely unbiased and that more people participate.

Be Accountable

  • Video Recording of every meeting to be placed on the website for public consumption, one resident suggested Facebook Live broadcasts...  I like that!
  • Look at moving the Town Meeting Date/Time for easier attendance and participation of citizens
  • Have the agenda and council packets published a minimum of 1 week before the meeting to give citizens time to comment and council members time gather input
  • If a zoning change request is made, publicly post a sign on the property (similar to Argyle) noting a change request has been made

Tax Ideas

  • Look at locking in your taxes to the town through exemptions. Taxes change upon ownership change and the then current DCAD appraisal.
  • Look at our Tax exemptions and give some real relief to the people who need it. 
  • Denton County has reduced their tax rate 4 of the past 5 years, why haven't we?  Lets make that change!